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Success Stories and Client Comments

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12/9/10: I am so thankful that I am a part of your have a very special vision which is soooo evident in your website--SECRETSFROMTHE HEART.  Just love it!!!! - AN


11/14/10 Regarding Trumpeter 2nd Generation and Paradise EAs: I would like to thanks again for you and your great EA.  You have change my life and I would really like to shake your hand for all the effort and support that you have given me so far. -RP


11/11/10 regarding Trumpeter 2nd Generation EA:  

I just wanted to leave this post and let everyone know that Pattys Trumpeter EA is one of the finest...No, I take that back, It is the BEST EA I have ever used. I am thoroughly impressed with the entire automated system that she has developed.
It truly is amazing on how it works and the fact that there is absolutely NO human intervention involved...other than about an hours worth of work on the weekend.....
You do need to study the news events for the coming week, and do your due diligence to be sure that you do not trade the EA on certain pairs during volatile news events.
This current week, I made $269.39 on a $1300 MICRO account, with the starting lot size at just 0.01.
I made this money with absolutely no involvement on my part other then sitting down with a cold one last Saturday and setting up the EAs schedule of when it would trade this week.

I traded 10 pairs!! Thats right, 10 pairs!! and the most I was in drawdown was $166.91.
I have been manually trading for quite some time, and yes, it does get stressful and the point where you start making the wrong decisions.....With Pattys Trumpeter EA, I can go to work every day and just check in on the system to see how I am doing..
I highly recommend Pattys Trumpeter to anyone who is considering an automated system.
Customer Service is above the best....Patty is always available to answer all your questions...I cant count how many times I have emailed her with a question and her response times are usually in just minutes....She is an amazing individual with the potential to truly have the best automated system out there.....
In 3 weeks trading her new version, I have had a ROI of 51.78% on a MICRO ACCOUNT.

Hands down, THE BEST!



2010-09-10 from Arizona client. Update on PipMania: After a month of going live with this robot my account increased $1600+. While that may not seem to be a lot it was extremely gratifying, proving that the EA works as advertised. I've been a trader over 15 years and was burned out on monitoring the charts and deciding when to get in and when to exit. No more - I have a life back. And excellent support still! Thank you Patty!

2010-07-28 06:03 5 Stars First the bad news - you'll have losers, and you won't be a millionaire in 30 days. The good news? This EA actually works as described. When I was a newbee I bought many robots and EA's as I believed the sellers statements. For 10+ years I've been a successful scalper, but got burned out on monitoring trades every 5 minutes 10-12 hours a day. I kept thinking how wonderful it would be to actually find an EA (either a free one or one for sale which actually worked.
I found Patty's website by accident and was amazed to see she actually posts her trades (winners AND losers) to show how your account can grow. No spectacular promises but a very ingenius system that opens trades twice a day.
And, as previously mentioned, she's great at responding and assisting you - unlike so many other sellers.
Bottom line - I'm going off demo onto my real account the end of this week. I've been demoing a couple of EA's friends have sent me, and so far PipMania has surpassed the profits of anything I've looked at and tried.

 Wow - I am blown away by your quick and kind support and assistance.  You're great! - Bill


Hereís great news from a member of MarketClub...

ďIíve only been a member of MarketClub for a few short weeks, and I can tell already that itís going to pay dividends in my trading. My first trade alone came on futures for the US Dollar and it has already paid the membership price for one year. Though Iím glad to finally make consistent returns. Iíve always had trouble sticking with trades and following the trends, and the Trade Triangles from MarketClub help me to do just that; stick with winners, and cut losses short!  Itís all about money management and taking out the emotions when it comes to trading. Furthermore, I enjoy using the Smart Scan technology where it quickly identifies trends that are already in place or about to start a new trend. It takes the leg work out at looking at every single chart, there by saving time and money. I can say Iím truly pleased with MarketClub and what it has to offer. I can tell right now, Iíll be a member for years to come.Ē ~ Jeremy N., Illinois


Dear Ms Kubitzki,

Thanks to your Trumpeter 2nd Generation EA I am confident of trading Forex again.  I used the Reduced Risk settings on a live MICRO account as a test.  In four weeks of trading, the Trumpeter 2nd Generation EA plus the guidance you provided booked me over 50% in profits with very minimal draw down.  Other EA trading system advertise outrageous performance on demo accounts then can wipe out your live account in a blink of an eye.  The Trumpeter 2nd Generation EA booked steady performance on a very small account.  I know you recommend a larger account than what I used but this was mostly a test for me because I've been burned in the past.

Trumpeter 2nd Generation was easily configured to stop trading prior to market moving events.  I especially appreciate the way in which the Trumpeter 2nd Generation EA gracefully exits the market rather than the profit-pounding, hard stop-and-drop other EAs are known for.  I've pasted the results below so others will know there are real working EAs that book steady money without all the ďbuy it now or elseĒ hype.

Thanks again and God bless,

-Scott in Kansas

55% Gain in 4 weeks of LIVE trading   554 Pips!




Dear Ms Kubitzki,


I have visited your website and wish to congratulate you on your hard work and extensive research that led to your products. I would like to point out not only the absense of un-necessary hype and flashy design, but also the almost misleading domain name that you use!


Although I understand that form a marketing point of view, your website title and domain name hardly lead to forex products, it has caught my attention because it made my feel that you must be a person that enjoys offering beyond just selling an Expert Advisor, and that is a rare and much appreciated quality.


I was lead here purely by chance, and only because I happened to be searching for a margin calculator. I was pleasantly surprised to discover a lot more.


I have been unsuccessfully experimenting with automated forex, and have been fooled by products that promised to deliver what they never did, and led me to the verge of losing almost all my initial capital. I am left with around $3k and would like to try your software as a last resort. . . .


I am looking forward to hearing from you.


Warm regards,


Philip - Greece





I really appreciate your message and what you said. Yes, my website name is a bit misleading but it is because I want the site to be so much more than Forex. I have added a few other things in the Library and video areas but time constraints have not allowed me to move forward as quickly with other things as I had wanted. The forex, as you can see, is my main focus. 


All you see is done be just me, meaning website design, EA creation and all. I haven't done much promo so my client base is small enough that I can give excellent help to those needing it (typically the beginners) and can still work on improving my systems, tracking and sharing data, etc. You might have read on the Paradise FAQ page how it wasn't my original intension to sell the EAs but I only have a micro account so the balance is growing slowly. Your 3K account is very sufficient to run either long as you are trading micro lots with leverage of 200:1 or greater. I currently trade with FXDD and am very happy with them . . . 


Very important note for you when wanting to go live, you really want to go to my website and click on the FxRebates logo either from the home page or the Library & Links page; be sure to pick one of their brokers offering the MT4 platform. Signing up your live account this way will give you rebates back (money back) on all your trades. You basically get part of the spread refunded back to you, so the broker doesn't keep as much. It costs nothing and only brings gain. I really can't say enough good things about it. I now get checks back in the's great!


Just recently I have added a couple of new features to the EAs to dramatically reduce the risk exposure and account balance required. There are several ways to run the Paradise EA, different settings and pairs. I have the Trumpeter EA set up with fairly strict trading rules I recommend as far as when to run it and not run it. Different settings, set files and results are shared with clients as well. This EA also runs on several pairs, if desired.


Get this..on my live micro account this week running Trump2G4, base lot size 0.01 on eurchf and 0.02 base lot size on gbpusd, I made profit of $101.71 which is about 1130 pips, running just over 2 days! The max draw down was only -43.40, max account margin was 87.18..which is a total of 130.58 (the amount needed to sustain the positions). I had enough in my account that I could have traded mini lot sizes and made over a thousand $$$!..BUT I am being super conservative so I am not freaked out with the draw down. Biggest lot size during the run was 0.03 :) I still don't run it non-stop all week (just non-stop part of the week) but VERY happy with how this is trading now. I was basically trading this with 3 times the minimum risk, so that is how much you can reduce it down. 


The previous week I did not live trade at all due to holiday, FOMC and Options Expiration which was supposed to be one of the higher volatility expirations..quadruple witching. The week before that I conservatively traded 1 pair with a 0.01  base lot size and captured 721 pips trading just part of the week (my recommendation). 


I hope that answers your questions and I look forward to working with you to become a successful forex trader should you choose to become a client.


to your success,




Dear Patty,


Thank you for your prompt (and long) reply. It is very much appreciated.


Also, your response has been very inspiring and morale-lifting for me. My remarks about your website being so different from the rest not only were well intended, but were meant to point out the warm feeling it creates, and that it's different for a reason. That reason is you!


To tell you the truth, the very fact that it is still very private and personal, encouraged me to communicate with you on a personal tone, too. I am glad I did.


I have decided to purchase your Trump EA, and will make use of your FxRebate link as well. . . .  I'm also going to go for a forex VPS service as well, so as to make full use of your software's features and capabilities. . . .


Thanks again for your time.

Count me in.


Philip - Greece




Jan. 21, 2010

Hi Patty,


Just a quick note to say I'm very satisfied with PipMania's performance on the EUR/USD.  I started trading this EA on a small, live account on Nov 16, 2009 and have had over 100 trades so far with only 17 losing trading (3 to stop loss and 14 minor).


The only time I didn't run the EA was during the 2 week holiday period. I also don't  trade on Fridays and FOMC days. Other than that I keep it running.


Today I started running it on the EUR/CHF on an FXDD demo with my plan to shut it off only on Friday.


Anyway, thanks for a great EA.







Hi Patty,

I just wanted to thank you for making Trumpeter available. I am now doing what I thought was impossible, operating an EA that shows a profit every day.... so far.

I'm using very conservative mini settings, 1.6 mutiplier, max trades of 6, and running the EA 2-3 hours/day. It hasn't made over 4 trades in a series and shows a profit every time. To avoid run-away trends I check the average daily range before running Trumpeter during the NY session. If the majority of the daily average has been reached I feel confident that the market will be condusive. . .

You have made a very smart EA and I'm glad I tried it!


Joseph - Maryland, USA




Hi Patty,

Just a short email to thank you for everything.   
Your Cruising EA did well last week, but more importantly it got me focusing on the D1 again which is so important.
When a person keeps learning and experimenting it is so easy to get side tracked.

For me, there is no doubt  that using EA's are the best and most profitable when manually monitored.

I have learned all lot from you and your programs, so hopefully now I will stay focused and start making some money.

All the best,  Michael




hello your pipsmania is incredibile-it is one of the finest ea"s.thank you very much HH




Regarding Trumpeter 2nd Generation EA: 

It is amazing. I trade many many robots. Most of them are cr*p. A few are good, some very good. But none of them work like yours does. 

First of all, the strategy is not anything I've seen before. Grids, yes. Martingale, yes. But never together like this. And never with the entries as well chosen with a perfect exit plan as well. 
I am a big fan. SD



i am amazed from your EA'S i am testing EA'S so many years and i am tierd from this,  this week was the first week that i stopped looking EA's i think i found the best ones.
best regards   RA