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 Background and Purpose


     Patty Kubitzki, founder of got her first taste of computer programming back in the late '60s and early '70s. It was quite a different scene then, with no monitors and feeding in programs with punchcards!


     In 1987 Patty became a Designer, Author, Model and Teacher in the Knitting Machine Industry and acquired a degree in Dressmaking and Design.  This started as a hobby but Patty wanted to share her ideas with others so she started traveling to different parts of the country, teaching new techniques and selling her patterns. She also wrote a computer program for one of the pattern designs, The Happy Coat, and was a distributor for a computer software program to design knitting patterns on the PC and send them to the knitting machine. Very high tech! Patty's patterns are available at


      Since the machine knitting niche was so small and not very lucrative, Patty ventured into the real estate market in 1991. Using her computer and desktop publishing skills, she started as an assistant to other top agents, then decided to break out on her own, listing and selling properties in the Kansas City metro area. Patty is still a licensed Realtor but chooses to focus her real estate business on serving friends, family and referrals. Her motto is 'Taking Pride in Serving You' and she believes you win in life by helping others.


      In 2000, Patty also added a part time job working as an assistant to a local attorney. Being an independent contractor, she had the flexibility to dove-tail her work schedule around her other interests, which include Christian holistic meditation and massage and the power of positive thinking. Sadly, this attorney passed away in 2010 and Patty closed down his law practice at the family's request.


      In May, 2005, Patty was first introduced to the Forex market at a seminar held in town. She saw the opportunity to apply her computer skills, her analytical, detail-oriented nature and a way to build wealth and be more independent in a career with the option to work from home and live any place she desired. Ever since Patty first learned of this opportunity, it has been her main focus to master trading it. In April, 2006, she became familiar with the MetaTrader 4 platform and began creating and programming auto-trading programs along with the help of a very special friend who specialized in computer programming. In 2011 this person decided to follow other options in his life and Patty currently does all the programming as well as all testing and website maintenance.


      As you browse our website you will likely note the lack of flashy sales pages, pop up boxes and ways to capture email addresses. We truly abhor all that type of hype and marketing tactics and frown on those who use it. We strive to be genuinely open, honest, accurate, fair priced and provide valuable products and information to enhance your life. Take time to explore the many links on our site. Quite a few of them provide free information and products which we screen very selectively.


      We hope you find as a beacon of light in the night to bring you hope, guidance and encouragement towards a truly enriching life.


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